”The XC60’s nav system is an utter disaster”

In a recent article on Autoblog.com, Volvo’s XC60 has received an overall good review, especially for its ADAS systems. However, its HMI for the navigation system has received very heavy criticism.

Excerpt from Autoblog.com:

‘Unlike most modern sat-nav units, the Volvo’s unit isn’t a touchscreen, nor doesn’t benefit from a knob near the shifter or pack any buttons in the immediate area surrounding the display. Instead, nestled away in the center console, you’ll find… a remote control.

When that’s lost forever (and it will be), you’ll have to rely on an even more ill-advised joystick array mounted on the back of a steering wheel spoke. No matter the input method, neither interface is particularly intuitive and the software behind it is dreadfully antiquated.

If Ford’s nav system is a PhD, General Motors’ an associate’s degree, and BMW’s iDrive a high school equivalency diploma, Volvo’s system lands somewhere south of an incomplete on an elementary school geography quiz. It’s that bad, and even worse considering Ford set the new standard for ease-of-use with its Sync setup.

the XC60’s nav system is an utter disaster. As we understand it, the company was aiming for the safest possible system by setting the smallish display deep into the dashboard (ostensibly to avoid striking it during an accident), but a long reach meant that it couldn’t employ touchscreen technology, and Volvo evidently declined to go with an all-in-one controller.

As a result, the Swedes went with a frankly infuriating steering wheel joystick/button setup, something you’ll want to ditch immediately for the generic-looking wireless remote control. If the idea was to be as safe as possible and keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, Volvo has failed.

And besides, since their programmers have locked out most of the more user-intensive higher functions while moving (address entry, etc.), what’s the harm in giving a more intuitive solution? Perhaps they were trying to discourage GPS use altogether. If that’s the case, they have succeeded handsomely.’

Read full review here.

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