India beginning to see the potential of eCall?

The newly installed Global Positioning System (GPS) in the Highway Patrolling Vehicles of traffic wing of Punjab Police has been able to save the lives of over 1130 injured persons in various accidents on highways in a single month alone.

According to an official spokesman of Police department a single mobile call service linked with  GPS  in all  Highway Patrolling Vehicles proved very successful in identifying the exact spot of accident besides activating the nearest stationed patrolling vehicles in reaching the spot, for evacuating the injured to the near by Hospital.  He said that with all vehicles linked with single mobile number 98153-91111 through GPS, the highway patrolling vehicles were able to timely evacuate over 1130 injured persons to the hospital, saving their precious life.

The spokesman said that over 65 Highway Patrolling Vehicles have been stationed at strategic and accident prone locations on National as well as state highways. They have been further linked with a fleet of   23 motorcycles. The spokesman said that the initial experiment of GPS had been quite successful and would be further expanded as per its increasing requirement.

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