Chile chooses ISDB standard for digital TV

Another South American country has selected the Japanese standard – ISDB for digital TV.

Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s chief of cabinet, Dilma Rousseff, has announced that Chile has chosen the Japanese digital TV standard ISDB.

According to the influential morning paper Diario Financiero, Rouseff pointed out that such an option might be picked up in Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba, according to a report in NexTV Latam.

Evidently the decision was announced on July 30, during a meeting held within an official Chilean governmental visit to Brazil.

In Rouseff’s view, a pan-regional decision will enable Brazil to promote “cooperation in technological, academic and research areas. It is a very important issue because we believe that the system places Brazil at a very special competitive level”.

So far, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador have chosen the USA’s ATSC; whereas Colombia, Uruguay, Panama, French Guyana and Dutch Antilles have turned to DVB. Only Brazil and Peru have unequivocally adopted ISDB in the region.

However, Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez said a week ago that discussions on the possible ISDB adoption were going “very well” and that a decision would be made “soon”.

Source: RapidTV News.

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