Ad-funded mobile GPS navigation amAze, launched in Portugal

LocatioNet Systems Ltd. has announced that it has teamed up with Portuguese mobile operator Optimus and local partner Digital Minds to launch the “amAze” service in Portugal.

amAze is an off-board GPS navigation service. It will be offered to the Optimus users in Portugal as a free ad-funded service.

amAze is a field-proven GPS navigation service designed to work on mass-market mobile phones. It offers full navigation options as well as mapping, local search, weather, speed traps alerts, traffic and more. The service is compatible with all mass market Java phones as well as Windows Mobile phones. It will soon support also the Android and iPhone platforms. The service was very successfully launched by several mobile operators around the world.

amAze is a unique platform for advertisers. It offers good exposure to advertising campaigns with an unmatched number of options for users to act upon the advertising messages.

The service can also present ads based on the user’s current location, which adds an important relevancy factor and a higher click-through rate.

See press release here.

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