Digital Britain Implementation Plan published – includes DAB in cars

‘Digital Radio in vehicles: a five point programme’ has been recognised as one of the main actions in the Digital Britain Implementation Plan that was published recently.

The Government’s plan for DAB in cars in the UK is as follows:

In-car listening represents a significant portion of total radio listening (around 20%). It is important that listeners have the confidence they will continue to have access to their favourite stations in their cars after the Radio Upgrade. Therefore, we are proposing the following measures to support take-up of digital radio in new and existing vehicles sold in the UK. We will:

a.    Work with manufacturers so that vehicles sold with a radio are digitally enabled by the end of 2013;

b.    Support a common logo for digital radios and ensure that non-DAB radios, and their limitations, are clearly labelled;

c.    Encourage the development of portable digital converters, such as the Pure Highway, and the integration of DAB into other vehicle devices such as Sat-Navs;

d.    Promote the introduction of more sophisticated traffic information via DAB and comprehensive marketing by broadcasters; and

e.    Work with our European partners, including the European Commission, to develop a common European approach to digital radio. We have approached the European Commission to encourage them to lead a Community-wide effort. Such an approach, as was adopted in digital television, could provide certainty well in advance for vehicle manufacturers and those providing in-car devices to bring the unit price of conversion down.

Souce: Digital Britain forum.

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