Continental to show new ADAS and HMI solutions at IAA 2009

“Safety for everyone”- ADAS:

The development of 24 gigahertz mid-range radar will see advanced driver assistance systems installed even in smaller vehicle categories. The proximity sensor for the Emergency Brake Assist City can prevent rear-end collisions at up to 30 km/h.

The sensor uses laser beams to monitor traffic conditions up to some eight meters in front of the vehicle. If vehicle spacing drops below a critical distance, braking is initiated automatically. The new MK 100 braking system can be scaled to suit anything from a motorcycle ABS system to ESC or other assistance functions.

The Electronic Parking Brake stands for a lot of integration: Integrating the power electronics of the combined electric caliper with its integral actuators into the ESC control unit produces benefits in terms of cost and installation space.

“Always On” & “Simplify your Drive” – HMI and electronics:

“Always On” stands for the vision, pursued by the Interior Division, of a continuously integrated network not just within the vehicle itself but actively incorporating the driver, the passengers and the outside world. In order to make this vision a reality, the Interior Division is constantly improving the networking of the various vehicle systems, providing clear user guidance with the help of sophisticated display systems and optimizing system integration with a view to reducing costs.

The Division’s new human machine interface and electronic system concept called “Simplify your Drive” gives the driver access to different vehicle characteristics, such as the sports, eco or comfort profiles, which make the task of driving the vehicle considerably easier. The Interior Division is also pushing on the integration of new electronic components in the affordable cars. For this segment, the Division can provide a wide range of control units and display systems which should also satisfy the demands of drivers in developing markets.

Source: Continental.

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