UIEvolution and Samsung launch TouchWiz SDK

UIEvolution has announced the launch of the Samsung Widget SDK with Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) for the creation of rich connected mobile applications that run across Samsung’s lineup of TouchWiz™ touchscreen phones.

The Samsung Widget SDK, built by UIEvolution on the developer-embraced open-source Eclipse platform, offers developers a simpler creation, test and delivery environment to build innovative applications for customers across multiple platforms, including Samsung’s proprietary operating system.

By leveraging the open-source Eclipse platform, developers can utilize their existing plug-ins offered by the Eclipse community of world-wide industry professionals. As new Samsung devices and features enter the market, developers will have immediate access to updates for rapid development and delivery of new application and services.

With the Samsung Widget SDK, developers can easily integrate Samsung APIs with code-completion, code templates and sample projects. The Samsung Widget SDK reduces the complexity of targeting multiple devices with the ability to debug and preview Widgets on target devices via a PC. In addition, a robust widget packaging services ensures Widgets are optimized for the differences between mobile browsers and platforms.

See press release here.

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