Heathrow Airport to get driverless cabs – ‘ULTra Pods’

Driverless taxis, called ULTra Personal Pods, are being introduced at Heathrow airport in a world’s first for a futuristic transport system.

The £25 million Heathrow system has already been installed and final trials are being carried out. It will run from the business car park to Terminal 5. But, if successful, BAA will look to spend £200 million expanding it to take passengers from hotels to terminals and replace all coaches at the airport.

The battery-powered pods take four people and their luggage and travel at up to 25 mph. Users climb in, key in the destination on a touch screen, and the pod takes them there.

ULTra is not designed to replace buses and trains completely but provide an alternative so people can use it rather than getting caught up in traffic jams. It would free up road space from parked cars.

Read more and see photos here.

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