RVU Alliance being formed – sharing content in the digital home

Broadcom, Cisco, DIRECTV and Samsung founding Alliance to promote new Remote User Interface (RUI) optimized for thin client CE devices.

The RVU Alliance will make available technical specifications for the secure distribution of premium content in a digital home network.

The technical specifications, which draw heavily on industry standards, provide for discovery of multiple source and client devices, secure delivery of content, and a comprehensive Remote User Interface (RUI) protocol including pass-through of remote control commands and trick play modes. RVU devices may be standalone set-top boxes or a module inside a product such as a TV, game console or DVD player.

The RVU remote user interface (RUI) protocol complements devices implementing DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. The concept of a remote user interface for clients is not new. However, the idea that clients should be able to provide a full-featured user interface by implementing minimal functionality, leaving most of the “hard work” to the server, is unique to RVU.

See whitepaper here to learn more.

Visit the RVU Alliance website here.

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