VW: “Technologies will transition vehicles into living spaces”.

The Volkswagen Group today said that automotive innovations over the next 20 years will focus on reducing driving emissions and making cars accident free; VW Group announced that new technologies will transition vehicles into more customized “living spaces.”

Toscan Bennett, vice president product marketing and strategy at Volkswagen of America., Inc, outlined this vision of a safe, responsible and fun future of driving at Mobility 2030, a symposium organized by the German American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco.

“Future vehicles will integrate information and technology to better serve their drivers and passengers. That same integration is happening among industries as we work to create the safest and cleanest vehicles ever,” Bennett said. “More than ever before technology is inter-related. Successful companies are those who partner and network outside their respective industries. Volkswagen is using this mindset to lead our innovations around the globe.”

Bennett described Volkswagen’s view of future mobility by highlighting three concept vehicles, the ROOM, EGO and On(e). He noted that each vehicle addresses important aspects of what consumers want in their vehicles: safety, environmental responsibility, efficiency and fun.


The ROOM represents intelligent, efficient driving that may be common by 2030. The ROOM contains internal assistants and a manager to support your travel that will recognize you and your preferences. The ROOM also contains driving assistance systems, intelligent traffic management systems and expanded navigation software that can take over driving for you in certain situations.

For example when you’re on the freeway, the car positions itself automatically in the traffic, plans lane and speed changes jointly with other road users and brakes until stationary in emergencies. The navigation can also automatically download your schedule and plan routes, make a restaurant reservation or inform the driver about upcoming retail sales.


The EGO is a zero-emission vehicle that operates using cutting-edge technology that is not only environmentally responsible, but fun to operate. The electric engine can release full power from the first touch of the gas pedal which dramatically increases driving dynamics. The EGO is also outfitted with a system of lasers, ultrasound and cameras that can warn drivers of upcoming hazards that gives the driver a full picture of his or her surroundings.


The On(e) Concept Car has the potential to make our driving extremely efficient and prevent the driver from wasting time by sitting in traffic jams or running into road hazards. By working on a network and talking to infrastructure, public transportation and other vehicles it can inform the driver which routes to take to avoid traffic jams and dangerous road conditions.

See press release here.

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