Clarion’s connected PND ‘MiND’ selling for $200 (List price: $700) is selling Clarion’s connected PND ‘MiND’ for $200 (list price: $700).  The MiND has a full browser, with internet connectivity either via Wifi or using a Bluetooth link to a mobile phone.

Some of the connected services as described by Clarion:

“When connected to the Web using a Wi-Fi network or using a Bluetooth link to your mobile phone’s cellular network, you can use the MySpace icon to go directly to this popular social networking website with over 100 million members. The easy-to-operate MySpace browser has enhanced viewer functions to make MySpace even more fun to use than with a PC. What’s more, you can receive e-mail from friends or display blog update messages in either Car Mode or Mobile Mode, so staying connected with friends is easier than ever.

The YouTube icon on the Home Screen gives you one-touch access to one of the world’s most popular video community–no need to activate the web browser. The easy to view and operate YouTube viewer displays thumbnails so you can use buttons like Featured, Most Viewed, Related and Most Discussed videos, to quickly view the videos you want to see.

Using the Firefox-based browser, you can navigate the Web the same way you do on your PC. Find where you want to go, such as restaurants, concert venues and shops by checking the information on the Internet.

Check the latest weather conditions with information from The Weather Channel. One day’s weather information for a designated area is displayed in the Quick Information Area of the home screen, and activating the weather application will display meteorological information for 5 days. The latest news is displayed in the Quick Information Area of the home screen and updated every 60 minutes from both BBC and CNN.”



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