Russian WiMax operator adds 60,000 subs in 3 months

Russian WiMAX network operator, Yota says that it has signed up its 100,000th active subscriber. The network has added 60,000 subscribers since its commercial launch in June in the cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The company already had 40,000 pre-launch trial customers.

The company also said that it has started testing its network in Ufa, with a commercial launch expected in November.

Average traffic of a Yota subscriber in July equals to 10.3 GB, which is roughly the same amount at the mean is used by a subscriber of a wired internet service in Moscow.

“A milestone of 100 thousand active users was taken over by Yota within only two and half months since the commercial operation was started”, says Yota Sales Director Igor Torgov. “We would like to thank our clients for believing into a new technology and supporting us. In the beginning of autumn new Yota access devices will appear on the market. Thus in September, under the agreement with Intel and some laptop producers, new laptop models with built-in Mobile WiMAX module will be supplied to the Russian market by 6 vendors.”

Yota is the trading name of Scartel.

Source: Cellular News

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