TRW develops camera-based high beam assist system

The camera and multi-sensor package is very small and lightweight, yet includes the processing power needed to support the many functions. The camera/sensor unit is positioned in the region of the rear view mirror mount looking outward through the windshield. Beyond automatic on-off headlamp control the camera technology can also determine in low light conditions if other traffic is in the vicinity and if not can automatically switch on the high beams for better vision at night or in tunnels.

In addition the rain sensor focuses on the windshield glass surface and uses an optical sensor that measures reflected light. The light reflection changes as moisture in the form of rain or snow falls on the windshield and the system will automatically engage the windshield wipers and can vary the speed of the wiper motor depending on the amount of moisture detected. Another feature that can be included in the sensor package is a humidity sensor that detects the amount of humidity in the vehicle interior and can activate the blower motor within the HVAC system to keep the windshield defogged.

Source: TRW.

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