AVnu Alliance to promote Ethernet for in-car infotainment

A group of industry-leading Audio/Video (A/V), consumer electronics and silicon companies today announced the launch of AVnu™ Alliance.

The Alliance is an industry forum dedicated to enhancing professional-quality audio/video by promoting emerging IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) networking standards for a broad range of markets including automotive, consumer electronics, and professional A/V.

The founding members of the AVnu Alliance include Broadcom Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Harman International, Intel Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and Xilinx, Inc.  In addition to the Founders, Avid Technology Inc., Marvell and Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. have joined the AVnu Alliance as the first Promoters.

For the in-car market:

The predominant technology today for in infotainment networking is MOST, but many have felt that the proprietary nature of the MOST technology has slowed development and hampered its adoption.

The draft IEEE standards from the AVB Task Group provide open standards for high-performance networked A/V using an array of potential link layer technologies.

With only a small silicon change and the addition of software protocols small microcontrollers and DSPs that are Ethernet capable today could in the future could easily support these new technologies.

The new technology from the IEEE AVB task group provides a critical component for successful deployment of Ethernet in the vehicle for applications such as infotainment and drivers assistance. The reliable delivery of low latency precisely synchronized audio and video combined with the massive industry investment provides a compelling solution for next generation systems.

The AVB protocols are an open standard, allowing multiple suppliers to deliver silicon solutions for automotive usage.

See press release here.

See AVnu Automotive whitepaper here.

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