Fiat announces free Blue&Me software update & iPod adapter

Developed jointly by Fiat Auto and Microsoft, Blue&Me is the infotainment system based on the Windows Mobile for Automotive platform, offering Bluetooth connectivity, USB and a voice-controlled hands-free telephone kit.

There is now a free of charge Blue&Me software update (version 5.4) available, which will enable better compatibility and improved functionality with an increased number of mobile phones, and also enable compatibility with the latest generation of iPods and iPhones (with adaptor).

The software can be downloaded for free from the website and then installed in the car using a USB stick.

Blue&Me Map users will have to download and install an additional Blue&Me Map update after installing Blue&Me version 5.4.

If the user is running the Eco:Drive application, it has to be re-installed after the Blue&Me software update.

iPhone adapter:

The adaptor enables Blue&Me compatibility with the newer generations of iPod and iPhone that don’t save the music files in the external disk mode.

The adapter allows the user to play all the tracks stored in the iPod, including those protected by DRM. Previously Blue&Me was only able to play MP3 files.

The Blue&Me media player adaptor will only work if the user has upgraded the Blue&Me software in the vehicle to version 5.4.

The iPhone adapter costs £72.


Fiat also has an iPod connection kit (accessory) for cars without Blue&Me. Cost – £87:

Source: Fiat.

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