Sirius XM dock transforms the iPhone to a satellite radio player

The XM SkyDock car dock differs from the current Sirius XM app for the iPhone because it has an embedded satellite-radio chip and it works with a plug-in car antenna, so users receive true satellite reception vs. Internet streaming. It includes an XM chip, but users can subscribe to Best of Sirius to get full XM and Sirius programming.

The iPhone/iPod Touch then becomes an advanced Sirius/XM controller that lets you flick through programming via touchscreen so users can see what is playing as they search. Users can also use iTunes tagging to purchase a song heard on Sirius XM directly from iTunes.

The SkyDock also connects the iPhone/iPod Touch to the car radio through a new technology that Sirius XM is also bringing to its plug-and-play receivers.  The units now include FM modulators built into the power plug so there is no need for a separate FM antenna, as required previously. The FM signal is sent directly over the powerline. A second way to connect the SkyDock to the car radio is through an aux-in cable as the dock has an aux-in jack.

The SkyDock costs $120.

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