Mobilizy unveils navigation application with augmented reality

Mobilizy has shown a preview of its augmented reality navigation system, the first fully functional mobile AR navigation system available for the Android platform.

Wikitude Drive was developed by the Mobilizy Research & Development group in Salzburg, Austria, to satisfy the curiosity of the developers to see if it was feasible to combine real-time navigation with mobile augmented reality. The result of this quest is Wikitude Drive, a fully-functional, light weight navigational system which overlays point-to-point directions on a camera-view, without the need for maps.

Mobilizy is a mobile software development company which focuses on augmented reality and location based services solutions.  The company’s primary product is the Wikitude World Browser,  but the company entering the field of navigation because Mobilizy believes that navigation is part of a natural evolutionary process within the field of mobile AR to help people get around in the world.

Wikitude Drive has  the following features:

* Mobile AR navigation, similar to a heads up display (HUD);
* Fully functional, map-less navigation;
* POI 2 POI navigation;
* Integrated voice commands (additional text-to-speech engine required);
* World wide navigational data which is accessed in real-time from the internet; (a mobile internet connection is necessary to access data while in motion)
* Peer-to-peer navigational functions? ( Social navigational features will be implemented in future releases)
* Interfaces with existing navigational APIs (for example: NavTeq, Map24, TeleAtlas)

See press release here.

See video of Mobilizy’s AR navigation here.

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As long as end-users can buy holders for their phone, it might work. The demo raises one small question, though: Will people want to walk (or drive around) constantly holding their phones at eye level? The young and very much buzzed-out field of augmented reality may eventually have to come to grips with this user interface issue.

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