Sony PSP to get navigation using additional GPS receiver

Japanese digital map provider Zenrin, in partnership with Sony, has released a new turn-by-turn GPS navigation application for the Sony PSP 1000/2000 and 3000 Series. Called “Minna No Nabi”, it will be released early November for around ¥8,190 (€62) without the GPS module which itself cost ¥6,000 (€45). The navigation software is similar to what Sony is already providing in its range of Personal Navigation Devices.

Besides in-car navigation features, this software is offering pedestrian information such as sidewalks, crossings, subway entrances and more. In addition to GPS positioning, the application will support PlaceEngine, a Wi-Fi positioning system that has been developed by Sony Computer Science Laboratories and has a rather broad coverage in Japanese metropolitan areas.

The navigation software can also download user-generated Points of Interest from the PetaMap website, a web property also operated by Sony.

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