u-blox 6: ultra-low power GPS technology platform

u-blox, a leading provider of embedded GPS receiver and wireless semiconductors and solutions, has announced the upgrade of its core CMOS technology to u-blox 6. Products based on u-blox 6 will have dramatically reduced power requirements thanks to new intelligent power management features. The innovations enable significantly extended battery life for power-critical GPS applications.

With the extension of the acquisition engine to over 2 million correlators, the new chip exhibits stronger acquisition capability of weak signals and a shorter time to first fix. In addition to GPS, u-blox 6 is future-proofed for the upcoming new European satellite system GALILEO.

u-blox 6 also supports the company’s proprietary “YUMA” GPS software and service, an instantaneous and ultra low power location capture solution based on u-blox’ breakthrough “Capture & Process” technology. Capture & Process is the ideal and lowest power solution for battery-powered applications such as tracking and photo geotagging.

See press release here.

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