DRM system enhancement approved by ETSI

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) system enhancement has been approved by the European Standards Organisation – ETSI. The DRM system revision v3.1.1 offers two major improvements like the extension to all broadcast bands up to 174MHz and the introduction of MPEG surround support.

The DRM system specification was revised to incorporate an additional mode designed for the lower VHF band (i.e. broadcast frequencies between 30MHz and 174MHz) allowing operation in bands I and II (the FM band). This standard enhancement is called DRM+.

The DRM+ initiative began with a vote at the 2005 General Assembly of the DRM Consortium deciding to extend the standard to higher frequencies. The additional mode for DRM+ was agreed and finalised after testing and verifying the design with both laboratory and field based tests. Then the ETSI standardised DRM system specification was updated.

See press release here.

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