About SBD:

SBD is one of Europe’s leading independent telematics and ITS technical consultancies.  SBD works closely with vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to enable them to develop cost effective, class-leading products for world markets. SBD provides focussed technical and market analysis in the form of bespoke consultancy and research reports.

The company was set up with the aim of helping vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers bridge the gap between system design and actual market needs. SBD has extensive knowledge and insight in telematics, which enables us to help our clients understand the market and technical requirements and to plan cost effective systems for the future that customers value and are more willing to pay for.

Our initial focus was on Western Europe but as the company has grown we have developed global interests, working in Japan, North America, Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as Malaysia and South Korea.

Our Research Programme has been created to give you a range of deliverables throughout the year that focus on our six areas of expertise: Telematics, Navigation, Traffic & Travel, Connectivity, Audio & Video and ITS & ADAS.

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