Navigon launches connected services using EXTERNAL SIM module

NAVIGON Live Services provides access to real-time data in 32 countries in Europe, provided the driver has a NAVIGON Live-enabled device and a suitable NAVIGON Live module.

Data can be received via the external NAVIGON Live module that sits between the charger and the navigation device. A SIM card is incorporated into the module to facilitate the transfer of data from the NAVIGON information pool to the device.

The Live Services include the latest news about the traffic situation (Traffic Live), pointers to mobile radar speed detectors (Mobile Radar Traps Live), information about available parking spaces (Clever Parking Live), the weather forecast at any location as well as en route (Weather Live), and the option to search for an unlimited number of POIs selected by the user, such as restaurants or businesses (Google Local Search).

Traffic Live offers traffic reports that are updated every few minutes which indicate where there is congestion much sooner than conventional RDSTMC. In addition to real-time information from traffic loops, data from both NAVIGON Live users and from floating car partners (Floating Car Data) are also fed into the traffic news feed.

Drivers looking for somewhere to park have until now been able to drive directly to the nearest car park using NAVIGON Clever Parking. With Clever Parking Live, drivers can now receive information about the number of free spaces available. An arrow pointing upwards or downwards even provides information about whether the car park or parking space is emptying or filling up. This data is provided by NAVIGON’s partner ADAC.

Live weather data, provided by NAVIGON’s partner Foreca, shows whether it is raining at the destination or anywhere en route.

The NAVIGON 6350 Live high-end model (349 euros) and the NAVIGON 8450 Live premium navigator (499 euros) are ready for the road with NAVIGON Live as standard. Data can be accessed free of charge for three months from the date the customer activates the Live Services by entering a unique code into the device. Anyone wishing to use the Live Services beyond this period may extend the contract, selecting either a one-year contract for 79.95 euros or a two-year contract for 139.95 euros – this covers all the costs involved, including use of data and unrestricted access abroad.

Source: Navigon.

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