OnStar not for sale; could show up on cars from other companies

OnStar is not for sale, and General Motors is working to fine-tune the well-known service and position it for the future, a top executive said today.

Despite the recent jettisoning of several GM brands, OnStar is safe and officials are optimistic as it prepares to expand in December with a launch in China.

OnStar is profitable and has 5.5 million subscribers. It recently recorded its 500th patent and still files for patents at a clip of once every six days. New features under consideration include a form of text messaging and a traffic report feature (though XM traffic is available in many GM vehicles).

OnStar also recently added an engine-block disabling feature, which stops thieves from starting a car that has been reported stolen.

OnStar could show up on cars from other companies in some form, the company’s president said. It previously had relationships with Volkswagen, Audi, Subaru, Lexus, Acura and Isuzu, though those have ended. The GM exec also said it’s unlikely the system would expand to an interface like the iPhone for non-driving uses.

Courtesy: Automotive News.

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