Tele Atlas announces partners for restaurant POI information

Tele Atlas will be using the following partners for adding restaurant POIs on its maps:

Netherlands – Koninklijke Horeca Nederland

France – (Thema-web)

Italy – (Ridal srl)

Under the Tele Atlas agreement, the POIs will be available for application developers and device manufacturers to incorporate into personal and in-car navigation systems powered by Tele Atlas maps, helping to provide end users with an enhanced, accurate and content-rich navigation experience.


Koninklijke Horeca Nederland is Holland’s professional association for the hotel, restaurant, café, fast-food and tourism business. Information made available for Tele Atlas will be categorized by different segments including bar/pub, nightlife, restaurants, fast-food and hotels, which will help Tele Atlas partners easily identify content and provide their customers with a range of location information. was created in 1999 by Thema-web and today includes approximately 100,000 member restaurants from 15,000 cities in France. End users can go to the website and search for a restaurant by region and city, or from a list of 24 specialities. The site offers free access to a range of information for each destination, including reservation options, accessibility, type of kitchen, menu, average price, and reviews. (developed by Ridal srl) offers free access to a range of relevant information, including descriptions of the restaurant, reservations, accessibility, type of kitchen, menu, daily specials, average price, and opening hours. information includes detailed listings for each Italian province and for major cities across the country, including Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice.

Source: Tele Atlas.

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