Johnson Controls supplies ‘Head Medium Display’ to Peugeot

Johnson Controls is equipping the new 5008,  celebrating its world premiere at the IAA 2009, as well as the 3008 from Peugeot with a form of head-up display called Head Medium Display (HMD).

The new retractable Head Medium Display (HMD), projects information on a fold-out and transparent polycarbonate lens in sight of the driver (and not directly on the windscreen). Content and nature (color, typeface) of the representation are defined by the automobile manufacturer and the ergonomic aspect is determined by Johnson Controls.

The integrated CAN interface of the module will also provide a simple connection to the existing electronic architecture in vehicles.

Johnson Controls claims that the Head Medium Display is cost effective when compared to the normal Head-Up Display (eg, BMW) systems mainly for two reasons:

1) For normal HUD, the windscreen has to be coated with a special layer for sufficient reflection in order for the display to be clear.

2) During manufacturing the windscreen undergoes fluctuations and hence the HUD must be tweaked for each vehicle. This is a time consuming and expensive process.

Source: ATZ Online.

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