Navman Wireless OEM Solutions launches ultra small GPS receiver

Navman Wireless OEM Solutions, has announced the availability of its new Jupiter3 Ultra-Small GPS Receiver Module, the company’s smallest GPS module and the basis of its next generation of GPS receiver solutions. The low-cost Jupiter3 delivers not only the best of current GPS technologies, but also greater flexibility for manufacturers to design smaller, more efficient and cost-effective products containing GPS capability.

Navman Wireless’ Jupiter3, based on SiRF’s GSC3f/LPx chipset, is expected to eventually provide the core for all future Navman Wireless GPS modules. Its low power consumption (11.5mA ATP), high sensitivity (-159dBm) and low cost is an unbeatable combination for vehicle, object and even personal positioning products.

Key to the versatility of the Jupiter3 is its support for existing voltage regulation, supervisory circuit and real-time clock functions on products in which it is incorporated. Such support economizes on space and cost, leaving the Jupiter3 to provide essential GPS components such as a TCXO (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator); LNA (Low Noise Amplifier), for better use of an existing device antenna; and an SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filter, ensuring that exact frequencies are being used.

See press release here.

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