NAVIGON adds real-time traffic info to its iPhone app

At the IFA exhibition, NAVIGON presented the new Live Services for its high end and premium navigation systems, making it possible among others to call up real-time information on traffic conditions.

In future, iPhone owners who have equipped their smartphone with MobileNavigator software from NAVIGON will also be able to reach their destination faster using the latest traffic information on their iPhone using “NAVIGON Traffic Live”.

The device continually takes traffic reports into account for navigation, both when planning a route and during the journey. The service is based on a data pool which, in addition to real-time information from traffic loops, for example, also incorporates data from NAVIGON Live users and from fleet car partners (Floating Car Data).

In the event of a traffic jam the MobileNavigator software displays a warning; in addition, Traffic Live supplies detailed information about the nature of the congestion and indicates whether or not the traffic has come to a standstill. On the basis of this information the driver can calculate a congestion-free route or else, if the obstacle is temporary or the queue is short, opt to stay on the selected route.

NAVIGON Traffic Live can be bought straight from MobileNavigator software ( scheduled to be available in the second half of October) at the standard price of EUR 24.99. Traffic Live data are transmitted via the mobile phone connection. If a data flat rate is used, no further costs are incurred and, moreover, the data volume is minimal.

Traffic Live is available in the following countries: A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, FIN, I, L, N, NL, S and UK.

Source: NAVIGON.

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