Audiovox launches RSE system with Playstation2

Audiovox Corporation has announced the delivery of an industry first in rear-seat entertainment, the VOD10PS2 Mobile Video PlayStation2 computer entertainment system.

This category changing mobile video system is an all-in-one, overhead, drop-down that combines the best of Audiovox’s award winning overhead systems with the gaming industry’s #1 selling system, PlayStation 2. The integration of the PlayStation 2 system in the Audiovox overhead video system is seamless. No extra hardware needed, no wires draped across the back seat passengers.

The VOD10PS2 features a 10.2 inch 16:9 LCD screen with built-in dome light, two wireless game controllers, two fold-flat IR wireless headphones and two PlayStation 2 game titles.

This system (MSRP: $949.99) also includes a remote control, built-in 16 channel FM Modulator with FM transmitter function, and comes with both Shale and Pewter trim rings and snap on covers to integrate the system to the vehicles interior.

See press release here.

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