Garmin connected services powered by KPN and Jasper Wireless

KPN and Garmin have signed a multi-year agreement that makes mobile data communication between different devices and machines possible.

KPN will provide special SIM cards that will be used in Garmin’s new portable navigation system, the nüvi 1690. Users of this system get direct links to current online information such as the weather, traffic and petrol prices.

The mobile data service, whereby information can be sent wirelessly to and from machines, devices, vehicle and systems without human intervention, will be brought to the market by KPN under the name of M2M Corporate.

Garmin can install an activated SIM card at the time of the nüvi 1690’s production so that the device is ready for consumers use at the time of purchase.

KPN not only offers Garmin the convenience of global coverage but also access to an online management tool. The company that KPN has engaged to supply this management tool is Jasper Wireless. Thanks to M2M Corporate, KPN meets the demand from companies to manage the SIM cards in their devices themselves.

Source: KPN.

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