Delphi to lead the German ‘Active Safety Car’ project

Delphi has been selected to lead the Active Safety Car research project, one of 14 innovative proposals chosen to be part of the government-initiated Automotive North Rhine-Westphalia program in Germany to improve road safety and reduce fuel consumption.

In the North Rhine-Westphalia program, an independent jury of experts from industry and academia evaluated 48 project proposals submitted by 138 companies and selected the 14 most innovative proposals for development.

In addition to Delphi, the Active Safety Car project team includes technology experts from Wuppertal University, Ceteq GmbH & Co KG, Riedel Communications GmbH, Maschinenbau-Kooperation Wuppertal and Wirtschaftsförderung Wuppertal.

The Active Safety Car project was submitted by a team of experts to address the European Union ruling that mandates a reduction in the number of pedestrian accident victims by 2010. Active safety systems continually monitor the traffic environment to identify probable crash events. Using that information, they alert drivers to potentially dangerous situations, helping to provide the time needed for the driver to take action. They also employ automatic control to avert an imminent crash or minimize the effects of a crash that is unavoidable.

Source: Delphi.

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