Altea and AZ Logica partner to offer telematics in Colombia

ALTEA and AZ LOGICA have signed a key agreement which will enable the companies to introduce innovative Value Added Services (VAS) to Vehicle and Transportation Telematics in Colombia.

First to be introduced are Fleet Management and Localization-based technologies, to be provided initially in Colombia and then to be rolled out in South and Central America.

The cooperation also aims at introducing customized solutions for insurance companies such as Pay–As–You–Drive (PAYD) or Pay-Per-Use (PPU). This will enable insurance companies (and car drivers) to significantly reduce their costs by exactly profiling their insurance according to the real needs, habits and usage attitudes of the drivers.

AZ LOGICA is one of the Latin American Pioneers working in the telematics business. Working with leaders of industries it proposes cutting edge applications in M2M communication. By partnering with ALTEA, AZ LOGICA consolidates its business with the addition of state-of-the-art telematics services, adding new business opportunities and widening the range of the offered applications.

ALTEA introduces for the first time to the Colombian market its unique-to-the-world Open Telematics Platform (OTP). ALTEA’s Open Telematics Platform is powered by Jasper Wireless and is adaptable to a wide range applications: Safety & Security (such as anti-theft vehicle tracking and eCall), Fleet Management, Customized insurance (such as Pay-As-You-Drive), Traffic Management, Remote Diagnostics.

Source: ALTEA.

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