MOST Cooperation to focus on infotainment and ADAS

The MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) Cooperation will present an update on technology highlights of the organization and the MOST standardization roadmap to Asian carmakers and their suppliers during the MOST conference in November.

In its tenth year of presenting MOST to the Asian 10 automotive industry, thirteen Asian car models already rely on the MOST infotainment technology.

In the accompanying exhibition various demonstrations will present High-Definition video overMOST, MOST50 and its electrical Physical Layer (ePhy), Ethernet tunneling over MOST and MOST Consumer 15 Connectivity solutions.

The new integrated Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) architecture according to Specification Rev. 3.0 expands the audio/video capability for next generation 20 automotive infotainment devices such as Head Units, Rear Seat Entertainment, Amplifiers, TV-Tuners and Video Displays.

First series projects implementing MOST150 Technology have already been started by various car makers.

The next steps in the MOST roadmap comprise the exploitation of several top features: The seamless integration of portable consumer electronic devices will be realized. A further milestone is the support of HD audio and video content such as Blu-ray or HDTV.

Upcoming features are camera applications, e.g. for use in 30 driver assistance systems and enhanced diagnostics capabilities. The MOST physical layer, e.g. optimized optical connections, will be further improved and innovations are expected soon.

Source: MOST.

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