US: Aha app adds national traffic coverage & social networking


Aha Mobile has announced that its free Aha App on the App Store now provides national traffic coverage.

Aha not only creates a custom audio channel for users with relevant traffic reports from traffic providers INRIX and Clear Channel, but also lets users hear from other drivers what they are currently seeing out of their windows.

With the Aha App, drivers simply tap their iPhone, speak for up to 15 seconds and, without taking their eyes off the road, safely broadcast voice tweets, known as Aha Shouts, to drivers nearby. New features launching today also let drivers post Aha Shouts automatically to Twitter and Facebook for others to hear.

The Aha App allows drivers to Shout about all types of things – from reporting on traffic bottlenecks and speed traps to venting about a crazy driver in the next lane. Or, if drivers just want to listen in and benefit from the information others are sharing, they can do that too.

With Aha’s new Facebook and Twitter integration, drivers can customize which types of Shouts go to each of their social networks. For example, a driver can choose to send only their Traffic Shouts to Twitter, but opt to post their “road rage” or Caraoke Shouts to Facebook. Posts are automatically created and populated with the type of Shout, the user’s current location and speed (for Traffic Shouts), any text added by the user during set-up, and most importantly a link to play the Shout.

The Aha App now provides national coverage in the U.S., with specific emphasis on the top traffic markets including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, and Seattle. The company will continue to add additional roads to its traffic network throughout the fall.

Source: Aha Mobile.


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