earthtime launches iPhone SDK; Competes with Google StreetView


earthmine has announced the immediate availability of two additions to its software suite; the earthmine SDK for iPhone for integrating street level 3D data into iPhone applications, and earthmine Server which enables organizations to host and manage the earthmine platform on their own servers.

The earthmine SDK for iPhone provides developers with core functionality to retrieve and display earthmine’s panoramic imagery and provides an extensive set of tools to create immersive applications and unique experiences on the iPhone.

Users of the earthmine SDK for iPhone can access the entire earthmine data set from their mobile sevice, putting immersive street level imagery right in their pocket, enabling customers to use their iPhone or iPod Touch to map features, take measurements, and display relevant geo-contextual content from assets in a geospatial database to billboards displaying movie trailers and advertising.

The company says its platform is a complete solution for hosting, processing and delivering street-level 3-D data. That means developers will be able to deliver apps that resemble Google’s StreetView app, where one can move down virtual streets and rotate to see a 360-degree view of them.

The platform uses Adobe’s Flash software. The idea is to take advantage of the growth of interest in augmented reality, or a hybrid of reality and virtual environments that make the real world easier to decipher or more entertaining.


Source: earthmine, VentureBeat.

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