Smatphone apps moving towards Flash?

Close to 40 percent of all new phones in 2008 shipped with Flash technology and Nokia has shipped more than 400 million devices with Flash technology to date. Developers and designers can take advantage of this global reach by publishing their content to Ovi Store and the Adobe AIR Marketplace for consumers to download and experience.

With content ranging from applications, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, and Web to location-based services and much more, Ovi Store offers Flash developers a unique opportunity to target customers and monetize their content.

Nokia Exec.” With the Open Screen Project Fund, easy to use development tools and distribution through Ovi Store, times have never been better for Flash technology developers”.

Announced in February 2009, the Open Screen Project Fund is a USD 10 million joint market development fund designed to accelerate the creation of multi-screen applications, content and services that leverage existing Adobe Flash Platform technologies and the announced Adobe Flash Player 10.1 runtime for smartphones.

The new Flash Player 10.1 is designed to work on smartphones, smartbooks and netbooks as well as PCs and other internet-connected devices. A public developer beta of the browser-based runtime is expected to be available for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS later this year, while public betas for Google Android and Symbian are expected to be available in early 2010.

In addition, Adobe and Research In Motion (RIM) announced a joint collaboration to bring Flash to BlackBerry smartphones, while Google joined Adobe’s Open Screen Project initiative.

Flash Player 10.1 is the first consistent runtime release of the Project and claims to allow designers and developers to reuse code and assets and reduce the cost of creating, testing and deploying content across different operating systems and browsers.

Apple remains absent from the list of mobile device players working to get Flash onto their handsets, suggesting that Adobe and Apple are still at an impasse with regards to getting the software onto the iPhone.

However, up to six applications on the App store were actually produced using Notus, which is an Adobe project that allows designers to create iPhone content using Flash’s Integrated Developer Environment. This is not Flash on the iPhone or even AIR (Adobe’s Integrated Runtime), but more “Apps for iPhone built using Flash tools”.

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