SMSC extends connectivity solutions for in-car infotainment

SMSC has announced that it is now delivering a comprehensive portfolio of automotive connectivity products for a digital car.

With the extension of its TrueAuto USB and Ethernet product set, SMSC is the only company offering a full suite of automotive technologies that complement the Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) infotainment backbone.

SMSC has added two new products to its TrueAuto offering—the USB83340, a USB 2.0 UTMI+ low-pin interface (ULPI) transceiver and the LAN89303, a 10/100 3-port managed Ethernet switch. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, these new products complement the existing TrueAuto suite.

SMSC Exec. “Car makers need to anticipate rapidly changing consumer behavior to design vehicles that fit their customers’ digital lifestyles”.

SMSC’s goal is to help designers take advantage of the potential of USB 3.0 to allow them to deliver compelling consumer products that are faster, smaller and more energy efficient. As USB 3.0 is deployed in the marketplace, SMSC expects to lead the way in making automotive solutions available that deliver the speed and quality of transmission that consumers expect wherever they connect.

Source: SMSC.

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