BMW talks about ‘cars talking to traffic lights’ – V2X comms

BMW Group’s traffic researchers are considering what information from the transport infrastructure might be of interest to the driver and the vehicle, and how this information should get into the car.

One possible solution is Car2X communication by WLAN, the “X” standing for infrastructure such as traffic lights or roadwork markers to give the car (and, subsequently, the driver) extra information. Another possibility would be to go through traffic control centres gaining, comparing, evaluating and passing on information for greater effi ciency.

BMW engineers have been working for a number of years on the exchange of information among vehicles, as well as the exchange of information with traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights. Technology of this kind can help not only to avoid accidents, but also to improve the benefits of BMW’s ‘EfficientDynamics’ features.

For example,  the Auto Start Stop function:  Once the car receives additional information from the traffi c lights specifying how long the lights will remain on red, it would be able to deactivate the Auto Start Stop function for a very short stop of less than four seconds, while activating Auto Start Stop for a longer stop.

Source: BMW.

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