BMW working on internet video streaming – Personal Video

Personal Video allows online access to video content, with the BMW prototype offering options the customer so far only had at home on his PC or on some mobile phones.

To ensure top quality in providing information, BMW’s researchers in their pilot test have opted for a news format broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation – “Rundschau news”.

Within 100 seconds, the viewer receives all of the day’s important news in a short newscast updated  several times a day and seven days a week. Particularly such short news flashes are of interest in the car, enabling the driver to watch the news even during a short break precisely when appropriate, just by  pressing a button to call up the video.

Clearly, this ideally supplements existing TV coverage in the automobile through a new on-demand offer.  The challenge with Personal Video is to provide a broadband connection in the car and to adapt the feed to the iDrive control concept.

A video-compatible browser has been integrated in the car for Personal Video, the prototype requiring a wide range of programming and coordination activities since so far there have been no comparable solutions in the car due to the shortage of computer resources and demanding security requirements.

The engineers are also working hard on the provision of WLAN, UMTS and other broadband technologies in the car, pointing towards a revolution in the foreseeable future with the introduction of a self-controlled, interactive media experience in the vehicle.

The car would even be able to make programme proposals and recommendations according to one’s personal taste and preferences.

Source: BMW.

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