BMW working on new Head-Up Display in full colour

While the Head-Up Display previously used only the colours red, orange, yellow and green, the new full-colour Head-Up Display comes with the complete range of colours in the display area. This clearly offers entirely new options: While the driver currently has to process and understand usually simple symbol graphics, letters and figures – for example in the navigation process – the new concept makes it easier for the driver to take up information quickly and efficiently.

Full-colour presentation allows realistic and, as a result, even more intuitive presentation of images and symbols which speak for themselves, are easier to understand and allow specifi c action without fi rst having to be decoded and interpreted. A further advantage is that full-colour presentation offers more appealing and sophisticated fl air strongly underlining the premium character of the BMW brand. In practice, this means enhanced options in, say, the navigation function.

The full-colour display is also able to authentically present all road signs such autobahn signs, exit and distance signs
far beyond the borders of Germany.

Source: BMW.

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