MINI working on Music Map concept

The MINI Music Map presents the user’s music files in two dimensions like on a geographical map. Map presentation is indeed very suitable for this purpose, since this kind of display has already been used for decades to provide orientation, for simplification and communication.

Within such maps, the artists and their respective music genres serve as points of orientation. The colour of individual “islands” within a group of islands then stands for specific genres, the size of these groups of islands varying according to the number of titles fi led for a certain artist. Depending on the zoom factor, well-known artists stand out as “lighthouses” showing which genre this specific group of islands involves.

The further the user then zoom into the individual groups of islands, the clearer the separation of islands becomes and the number of artists presented increases accordingly.

The advantages of the MINI Music Map are that, first, this type of presentation offers a comprehensive overview and, second, the driver arrives at the information he is seeking within just a few steps.

Source: BMW.

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