Autonet develops internet connectivity kit for in-dash infotainment

Autonet Mobile has announced the availability of its TRU Developer Connectivity Kit. The release of the connectivity kit is the first step in enabling auto manufacturers and OEMs to utilize Autonet Mobile’s TRU Technology to support their needs for delivering a reliable Internet connectivity solution for the dash.

The connectivity kit was developed on the Moblin platform for its support of embedded usage models, such as Vehicle Infotainment systems and can be ported to other platforms. This connectivity kit allows developers of in-dash systems to easily include reliable Internet connectivity as part of their solution.

Autonet Mobile’s TRU Connectivity kit supports the Intel Atom processor, which is used in a range of embedded market segments such as automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), industrial control and automation, and media phones. Autonet Mobile chose the Intel Atom processor for its lower power and performance per watt to process real-time video and graphics over a wireless broadband network.

Autonet Mobile Exc. “We’ve received a lot of requests from the auto manufacturers to provide an open connectivity platform to support their in-dash connectivity needs for future models.”

About Moblin:

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, Moblin project is an optimized open source Linux operating system project that delivers visually rich Internet and media experiences on Intel Atom Processor-based devices including handhelds, netbooks/nettops, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), and embedded systems.

Source: Autonet Mobile.

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