China: Youku app to be pre-installed in Nokia and Sony Ericsson

China video sharing site Youku has officially announced its partnership with Nokia and Sony-Ericsson, with Youku video clients to be pre-installed on new handsets produced by the two manufacturers.

The content available to the Youku mobile client will be identical to the content available to PC users. Mobile client users will be able to browse, categorize, and search for videos. In the future the mobile client will also provide sharing, rating, and video upload functionality. Youku CTO Yao Jian says that development of a Youku client for the iPhone has already been completed.

An updated version of the Youku 3G site will also come online at the end of October. The updated version will continue to support mobile-formatted user generated content, but will also add an arts and entertainment channel and interactive features.

Courtesy: Marbridge Consulting.

Note: Youku’s video library includes many full length, popular films and TV episodes from the West. Viewers from around the world can see these films on Youku for free, though often with Chinese subtitles. Other popular sites such as Youtube cannot display this content because of copyright restrictions, but these laws either do not exist in China or are poorly enforced, enabling Youku to broadcast copyrighted content from their website without license. (Source: Wikipedia)

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