India and Indonesia the most promising markets for WiMax

While the continuing roll-out of WiMAX infrastructure and services in the US and Japan is positive for the entire WiMAX industry, the emerging markets including India and Indonesia are expected to play a key role in lifting the industry in 2010, according to Alvarion Asia Pacific.

Population density, government support, and strong demand for broadband networks suggest that India and Indonesia are likely to be the most promising markets for the WiMAX industry in the near future.

The Indonesia government has already released WiMAX operating licenses, and Alvarion has begun cooperating with some of the winning licensees to establish their WiMAX networks.

In India, Alvarion is teaming up with potential WiMAX operators to bid for the three WiMAX licenses to be released by the government before the end of 2009.

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Source: Digitimes.

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