Ford partners with Best Buy to promote Sync

Ford Motor Company has teamed up with the industry’s largest electronics retailer, Best Buy, to help bring consumers closer to the industry-leading SYNC in-car communications system.  Through Best Buy Mobile, the retailer will offer thousands of specially trained associates to assist with Ford SYNC education, training and phone compatibility tests to ensure consumers are maximizing the SYNC experience.

Beginning in October, Best Buy stores in Texas will conduct a pilot program involving more than 30 Best Buy locations where consumers will be able to experience live SYNC demos and Ford, Lincoln and Mercury customer clinics.  The SYNC demos will show participants how their mobile phones can interact with the voice-activated system, while customer clinics will help new Ford customers improve their understanding of SYNC capabilities using their actual phones and vehicles.  Local dealers will participate to offer additional expert assistance on SYNC.

Local dealers will remain the primary touch point for consumers interested in purchasing SYNC; however, Best Buy Mobile experts will serve as another resource for consumers looking to learn more about the compatibility of their mobile devices.  Under the agreement, Best Buy Mobile associates will provide Ford owners with phone pairing information, helping them get comfortable with SYNC and enabling them to either connect their existing handset or choose a compatible mobile phone.

Best Buy also will include Ford SYNC mobile phone compatibility results in its monthly Best Buy Mobile Buyer’s Guide to identify which of the latest mobile devices work seamlessly with Ford SYNC.  The ratings are based on phone compatibility tests conducted by Best Buy’s tech services unit Geek Squad, and are updated frequently.  The SYNC ratings can also be found at

Source: Ford.

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