Peugeot to offer speed camera location downloads via ATX web portal

ATX Group has announced the launch of a Web-based service in France and the United Kingdom offering Peugeot drivers the capability to receive audio and visual in-vehicle alerts about the location of safety cameras monitoring vehicle speeds.

The new, pay-per-use service, promoted as WIP Info Radars in France and Peugeot Connect Downloads in the U.K., is offered through a Web portal developed and hosted by ATX, enabling Peugeot drivers in France and the U.K. to continually download updates on safety monitoring camera sites throughout 14 countries in Europe (France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Slovenia) to a USB flash drive or memory card that can then be plugged into the automobile’s navigation system.

Drivers who purchase the information would then receive alerts through their in-vehicle display screen when approaching an area where a safety camera is located.

The ATX-hosted Web portal would be accessible through the personalized pages created by vehicle owners on their personalized Peugeot Web site. In addition to providing the vehicle owner with a log of what they’ve downloaded, the portal would also enable them to access the most recent file purchased, and when available, purchase additional updates to the speed camera data. Payment would be handled through credit cards.

Source: ATX.

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