Nokia Comes With Music stats reveal poor take-up

Free unlimited music for more than a year seemed like a good proposition, but, nine months after its launch, Nokia’s Comes With Music bundle is not proving particularly popular with consumers.

In July, the scheme had just 107,227 users across the nine countries in which it’s launched, according to figures Nokia sent out to labels and distributors, obtained by MusicAlly:

—UK – 32,728 (launch date: Oct 08)
—Singapore – 19,318 (Feb 09)
—Australia – 23,003 (Mar 09)
—Brazil – 10,809 (Apr 09)
—Sweden – 1,101 (Apr 09)
—Italy – 691 (Apr 09)
—Mexico – 16,344 (May 09)
—Germany – 2,673 (May 09)
—Switzerland – 560 (Jun 09)

Compare that with the six million users Spotify has attracted inside its first year.

Nokia has placed a lot of importance, and a lot of marketing money, on Comes With Music. But the programme has been hampered by DRM and complex PC operation and confusing PC-mobile sync.

Courtesy: Moconews.

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