INRIX launches Android traffic app; Uses 1.3 million traffic probes

INRIX has announced the launch of a free app, INRIX TRAFFIC!, for Google’s Android-based smartphones.

INRIX TRAFFIC! helps drivers reduce the time they spend in traffic through a better understanding of current and future traffic conditions. It is the only mobile phone app that combines real-time, “crowd sourced” traffic information from more than 1.3 million vehicles with insight from hundreds of public and private sources to reliably deliver current and expected traffic conditions.

Covering more than 160,000 miles of freeways, interstates and highways in 126 cities across the U.S. and Canada, INRIX TRAFFIC! provides drivers with insight into how conditions will evolve over time helping them avoid traffic jams and reach their destination the fastest way possible.

As part of INRIX’ Smart Driver Network, customers play an important role in helping INRIX TRAFFIC! deliver the most comprehensive and reliable traffic information available. INRIX crowd sources real-time traffic information from over 1.3 million GPS-enabled vehicles and consumer mobile devices where it is analyzed along with billions of data points from other public and private sources to continuously update the route maps on the INRIX TRAFFIC! App resulting in the most accurate snapshot of current and future traffic conditions available anywhere.

Recently introduced on the iPhone and iPod Touch with hundreds of thousands of users already in its first 90 days, nearly half of them rely INRIX TRAFFIC! daily to help improve their commutes. On average, consumers spend up to eight minutes a day using the app to check current and future traffic conditions.

Source: INRIX.

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