Samsung develops world’s first single chip for ATSC Mobile DTV

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has successfully developed the world’s first single chip compatible with the newly approved North American mobile digital TV broadcasting standard.

Samsung’s latest chip innovation combines the radio frequency (RF) and digital chip components into one single 65 nanometer (nm)-scale chip. Compared to traditional multiple-chip sets, the single chip provides makers of various mobile devices including mobile phones, car-mounted televisions and portable media players an optimal solution that is more compact, uses less power, and is more affordable.

The ATSC Mobile DTV standard was recently approved by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC). ATSC Mobile DTV makes live mobile broadcast TV possible by installing minimal additional equipment at existing TV transmitters while utilizing the same frequencies as current terrestrial DTV broadcasting. ATSC Mobile DTV does not influence current DTV receivers even when operating in the same channels making it in-band compatible.

Over 70 broadcast stations have announced their support for this initiative and have agreed to broadcast on a trial basis across North America by the end of 2009. The goal is to prepare for formal broadcasting tests to North American consumers beginning in early 2010.

Source: Tech On.

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