Sony Ericsson phones to be pre-loaded with Wisepilot navigation

Appello Systems, the supplier of Wisepilot, has announced that they will be a strategic partner for turn-by-turn navigation and Location Based Services (LBS) to Sony Ericsson. This will allow owners of Sony Ericsson mobile phones to have navigation directly on their GPS-enabled mobile phone.

Somny Ericsson Exec. “Sony Ericsson is happy to enter a partnership with Appello for turn-by-turn navigation under the Wisepilot brand. Navigation, search and Location Based Services are natural parts in our portfolio. Together with Appello we offer a well integrated user experience with ease of use. Wisepilot will be pre-loaded in our phones as well as downloadable from our application store Playnow and the Fun & Downloads web service.”

The service will initially be offered in over 55 countries, where Wisepilot will be pre-installed on all Sony Ericsson Satio, Aino and Yari handsets. Users will get 30 days of free usage of Wisepilot – a turn-by-turn navigation solution with voice directions and moving 3D maps.

In addition premium guides, real-time traffic information, weather forecasts, Wikipedia local search, safety camera warnings, a unique web portal community and an automatic travel report journal are available. Following the free trial, the user will be able to continue the service choosing from several subscription plans.

Source: Appello.

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