Clarion shows ‘intelligent’ side camera system

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Clarion exhibited a side-view camera system that shows the image of the dead area near the front wheel on the passenger’s side on the display of a car navigation system.

By combining an image of the side-view camera located near the door mirror and an image of a translucent dashboard and door, the driver can see an image as if he or she is looking outside through the instrument panel and the door. The system was developed to prevent accidents in which cars turning right or left hit pedestrians or motorbikes at intersections and accidents in which cars pulling over to the side of a road hit curbstones, walls, etc.

The image from the viewpoint of the driver helps grasp the outside information more naturally, Clarion said.

The company plans to use the new side-view camera system as part of an “all-around view system,” which displays the bird’s-eye view of a vehicle. For example, the side-view camera system is automatically activated when the car starts moving or pulling over to the side of a road at low speed.

“We have almost completed the development of the technologies required for the system,” Clarion said. “And we will possibly be able to launch a product in 2011 at the earliest.”

It is difficult to offer the system as an external device because an image taken by the system has to be combined with an image of a car interior. Therefore, the company plans to supply the system to automakers as OEM products.

Courtesy: TechOn.

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